Our History

Bromley is a small community located about ten miles north of Daphne on State Highway 225. Fr. Vincent D. Warren, S.S.J., who was stationed at Shrine of the Holy Cross Parish, began to conduct Mass in the homes of African American Catholics. This condition existed for several years until 1953 when St. John Church was constructed. Fr. Warren, who served the parish from 1953 until 1960, provided Mass on a missionary basis from his headquarters at Shrine of the Holy Cross Parish. Students were taken by bus to the school at Shrine of the Holy Cross staffed by Franciscan Sisters of Baltimore. A school was later established in 1956 and was staffed by a lay teacher Mrs. Remus Glaude. There were a constant 35 students in attendance in an area where educational opportunities were few for these rural children.

The school closed in 1960 and the students were again bused to the school at Shrine of the Holy Cross. From 1960 until 1964 the school was staffed by lay teachers. In 1964 the Oblate Sisters of Providence staffed the school at Shrine of the Holy Cross until 1966. At that time the students from Bromley went to public schools.

Fr. Gregory Frank, S.S.J., followed Fr. Warren in 1960 as pastor of Shrine of the Holy Cross. He provided Mass to the mission church of St. John several times per month. Fr. Thomas R. McKenna, S.S.J., was assigned pastor in 1962, followed by Fr. Joseph L. Brown, S.S.J. (1964-1972), Fr. K. Joseph Fraggiosa, S.S.J. (1972-1976), Fr. Harold U. Gregory, S.S.J. (1976-1977), Fr. Arthur T. Colbert, S.S.J. (1977-1983), Fr. Benjamin M. Horton, S.S.J. (1983-1986), Fr. Cornelius Sexton, S.S.J. (1988·1991), Fr. Hilton L. Rivet, S.J. (1991-1993). In 1991 the Society of St. Joseph (The Josephites) returned the care of St. John Parish to the Archdiocese of Mobile.

Fr. Robert M. McCown, S.J., a Jesuit priest of the Southern Province, who was assigned to Shrine of the Holy Cross and mission service to St. John Church in 1993. In July 2001, Fr. Johnny Savoie, a diocesan priest, was assigned to both Shrine of the Holy Cross Church and St. John Church. In July 2003, St. John Church became a mission of St. Agatha Parish of Bay Minette with Fr. James E. Dane as pastor. In June 2004 St. John Church became a mission of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception with Very Rev. Michael L. Farmer, Rector of the Cathedral and Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Mobile providing pastoral ministry to the faithful. Archbishop Thomas J. Rodi appointed  Reverend Lito Capeding, as Parochial Administrator for St. John Mission in Bromley and Chaplain to the Catholic Maritime Apostolate effective December 1,2008. On September 14,2011,he was appointed Pastor by Archbishop Rodi.




St. John Pastors
1953-1960 Rev. Vincent D.Warren
1960- Rev. Gregory Frank
1962- Rev. Thomas R. McKenna
1964-1972 Rev. Joseph L. Brown
1972-1976 Rev. K. Joseph Fraggiosa
1976-1977 Rev. Harold U. Greogory
1977-1983 Rev. Arthur T. Colbert
1983-1986 Rev. Benjamin M. Norton
1986-1991 Rev. Cornelius Sexton
1991-1993 Rev. Hilton L. Rivet
1993-2001 Rev. Robert M. McCown
2001-2003 Rev. Johnny Savoie
2003-2004 Rev.James E. Dane
2004-2008 Very Rev. Michael L. Farmer
2008-present Rev. Lito  J. Capeding